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For Small and New Start-up Businesses

Support to Start-Ups

So you’ve decided to become an entrepreneur!  But you’re not sure where to begin getting everything set up.  You desire to start with a solid foundation, but have lots of unanswered questions: 

  • What registrations are required (IRS, SOS, other)?

  • What type of business should it be (sole proprietorship, corporation, LLC, etc.)?

  • Should it operate on a CASH basis or be ACCRUAL based?

  • What should my account structure look like?

  • What accounting software options are available?

  • What is a chart of accounts and what does one look like?

  • Should I pay for accounting services or can I handle it myself?

QPAS can answer these questions.  We are experienced in bringing up new star-ups and providing accounting services as needed.  We will accompany you from conception.

Payroll Check Processing

For the employee, Payroll is the single most critical piece of the accounting processes. 


  • Regardless of pay cycle, QPAS will manage payroll services. 

  • Reliable and trustworthy.

  • Benefit vendors payments managed.

  • payroll tax deposits and filings meets the deadline.

Part-Time Chief Financial Officer (CFO)/Controller


You have a successful and demanding business that requires your attention.  BUT, maintaining accounting records is a necessary evil.  You want an experienced professional to handle the business and accounting,  BUT you just can’t afford a full time professional. 

Perhaps your accountant had to take a temporary leave of absence and you need someone to fill the void while they are out.  Or maybe, your accountant had to present an untimely resignation and you need a temporary fill-in until a permanent replacement can be identified.


QPAS will provide you with your own part-time CFO/Controller that will:


  • Issue management reports (including financial statements) needed to make informed decisions.

  • Provide payroll services including required tax deposits and filings

  • Manage accounts receivables and payable

  • Manage monthly closeout processes

  • Calculate job costs

  • Provide financial analysis

  • Formulate financial strategy

  • Manage bank account and perform monthly bank reconciliations

  • Implement operational best practices with appropriate internal controls

  • Make recommendations based on our understanding of the company’s desired directions

  • Prepare your annual corporate tax returns

  • Other (all functions required for day-to-day operations)


Let QPAS be your CFO and rest easy each night knowing your business and accounting is being handled by a firms that guarantees Privacy, high ethical standards, and positive values.  And a firm that that knows "Your Success is our success".

For Medium to Large Companies & Municipalities.

Internal Assessments


Whether you are a municipality, a non-profit entity, or a for profit company, an occasional audit of your processes and internal controls is a must for maintaining a healthy organization.  A periodic internal assessment is just as important as having your personal "Healthy You" annual physical exam.  And like the physical, many of us know we need it, but for various reason don't do it.  


Your organization has existed for years.  You assume that processes have sufficient internal controls.  But do they?  Your focus in on the technical aspects, the processes may have been healthy when the entity was established.  But there has been employee turnover, the entity has grown significantly and the processes may be suffering unrecognized deficiencies.  

We perform both Functional and Accounting assessments.  QPAS will:

  • Develop a concise picture of existing processes

  • Evaluate the health of your internal controls

  • Make recommendations for process changes

  • Lead the implementation of changes

  • Document processes in a procedures/policy manual

Contract Audits

Do you secure services from contractors/consultants?  Consider performing an audit of the contractor/consultant invoices

  • Are your contractors billing you at the contracted rate?  

  • Are all the charges legitimate for the agreed upon work scope?   



Need someone who knows how to keep a conversation focused and on task?  That can keep the conversation moving forward toward the ultimate goal?

Strategic Planning


Every organization needs a business Plan/Strategic Plan.  A vision without a plan is at risk. 

QPAS will facilitate discussions and bring clarity to document your:

  • Mission statement

  • Vision for performing that mission

  • The organization's log and short term goals

Root Cause Analysis

Does your organization have situations that are a hindrance to it's growth?

  • When undesirable situations exist, the immediate response is generally directed at the visible problem.  

  • In most instances, reality goes much deeper and can only be uncovered through a progressive drill down of all the issues than will ultimately lead to the ROOT CAUSE. 


It is only when you understand the root cause that effective corrective actions can be implemented.


Would you like to discuss further?
We are here to assist. Contact us by phone or email.

QPAS will be your Business Executive

Geographic location is no longer a hindrance for providing effective remote support and establishing professional relationships.  We will meet you via:

Video conference

File sharing

At our office

At your Office


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